St Peter & St Paul

Tower Captain: Paul Waterworth

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Please contact the Tower Captain using the form below if you want to learn about bell ringing, arrange to have the bells rung, arrange for a ringing team to visit etc. Alternatively his phone number is 07702 221938.

An update is provided below on the restoration work, provided in August 2020. The August edition of our Newsletter also includes photographs. The website for Preston Village has a section on its church and its bells and from there you can download a most informative booklet called ‘A Short History of Preston Church Bells‘.

“At last the work on our lovely bells has been completed! We have a peal of six bells and were warned some time ago that these were in need of repair and renovation, and that one was indeed in bad shape and should not be rung very often.
It has taken a very long time to decide exactly what we should do, agree the estimates from Taylors of Loughborough, and obtain the necessary Faculties, and raise the money to pay for it all!
In addition to restoring the peal of bells, we realised that we had a very early (1400 approx) Sanctus Bell hanging high up on the wall, which may well not have been used since the Reformation.
This aroused considerable interest, and we decided that we must try to restore this to use as well.
The work started in May and involved dismantling the frames, wheels etc. which were taken back to the Foundry at Loughborough for repair. All bolts, screws etc were inspected. The alarm was raised when a crack was discovered in the beam holding the 3rd bell . This had hitherto not been visible. Water was getting in and the beam was becoming dangerous. It was decided to re-inforce the beam with a new RSJ, but as this involved drilling into the main wall a new Faculty was required. Somehow this was obtained within 48 hours, (surely a record!) and work was not interrupted by this unexpected addition.
Our precious Sanctus bell was returned and installed, and the electronic device by which it is to be rung was tried out.
The team from Taylors, Andrew, Chris and Roy worked extremely hard and were very interesting and knowledgeable about the work they were doing .
We are so grateful to everybody who helped us to raise the large sum of money needed for all this work, and we must particularly express our thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund who were exceptionally generous. We had hoped to have an Open Day to celebrate the completion and re-hanging of the bells, but of course this is impossible under current regulations.
However, we hope that this will take place some time next year, and that as many Rutland bellringers as possible will be able to try out the bells in the near future.”
Mrs Jane Micklethwaite. Preston