A list of recent full Peals rung in Rutland.  To update the list please provide information in the format used below to the Webmaster:

Uppingham, Rutland SS Peter & Paul

Saturday 1 August 2015 in 2hrs 52mins (14.2.2) 5088 Yorkshire Surprise Major  Composed: Richard J W Tibbetts

1 E. Ann Williams 2 Penelope J. Thorley 3 Cynthia E. Howell 4 Robert C. Woodward 5 David R. Ingram 6 Jad Bienek 7 Christopher J. Groome 8 Andrew W. Gordon.(c)

Arranged to mark the 50th anniversary of Ann’s first peal rung in this tower on 4th August 1965 following the wedding of Margaret Woodward and John Woolley and conducted by J. Martin Thorley. A compliment to Margaret and remembering John, a friend to all the band.1,4 & 7 were in the original peal.DB;4.00 *****

Lincoln Diocesan Guild: Barrowden, Rutland St Peter

Saturday 2 May 2015 in 2h 49 (10) 5040 Surprise Minor (7m) 720 each Hexham, Lightfoot, Chester, York, Bourne, Surfleet, Cambridge

1 Andrew J Davey 2 James E Benner 3 Ian Dawson 4 Robin H Rogers 5 Michael Maughan (C) 6 Alistair M Donaldson

Rung to celebrate the birth of HRH the Princess of Cambridge

Lincoln Diocesan Guild: Edith Weston, Rutland St Mary

Saturday 21 February 2015 in 2h 30 (7) 5040 Surprise Minor (7m) 720 each Berwick, Durham, Ipswich, Bourne, Beverley, Surfleet, Cambridge

1 Andrew E Else 2 Robin H Rogers 3 Andrew J Davey 4 Ian Dawson 5 Michael Maughan (C) 6 Nicholas A Churchman

Lincoln Diocesan Guild: Uppingham, Rutland SS Peter and Paul

Saturday 3 January 2015 in 2h 53 (14) 5056 London Surprise Major Composed: S J Ivin

1 James E Benner 2 Judith M Rogers 3 Susan E Marsden 4 Robin H Rogers 5 James F Thorpe 6 Alistair M Donaldson 7 Michael Maughan (C) 8 P Barry Jones

Uppingham, Rutland SS Peter and Paul

Saturday 20 October 2012 in 2h 57 (14) 5152 Uppingham Delight Major Composed: M Maughan

1 James E Benner 2 Judith M Rogers 3 Andrew J Davey 4 Robin H Rogers 5 Nicholas A Churchman 6 Alistair J Cherry 7 Michael Maughan (C) 8 P Barry Jones

Peterborough Diocesan Guild Rutland Branch Belton-in-Rutland, Rutland St Peter

Sunday 17 July 2011 in 2hr45 (10cwt) 5040 7 Surprise Minor methods London, Netherseale, Norwich, Beverly, Bourne, Ipswich, Cambridge

1 Louis Totaro 2 David Murcott 3 Janice Atkinson 4 Peggy Jennings 5 Michael Pollard 6 Richard Beadman (C)

100th anniversary of the bells 10th anniversary of Belton history society Peggy Jennings 50th Peal David Murcott first of 7 surprise

Peterborough Diocesan Guild Uppingham, Rutland Ss Peter and Paul

Sunday, 18 July 2010 in 2h 47m (14 cwt) 5088 Superlative Surprise Major Composed: Alan M Barber

1 David L C Murcott 2 Janice T Atkinson 3 Peggy E Jennings 4 Anthony K Fortin 5 Michael J Pollard 6 Christopher J Groome 7 Nicholas A Churchman 8 Christopher D O’Mahony (C)

Rung to farewell Canon Stephen Evans after serving for ten years as Rector of Uppingham.

Peterborough Diocesan Guild Uppingham, Rutland Ss Peter & Paul

Sunday 11th October 2009 in 2hr 59m (14 cwt) 5120 Cambridge Surprise Major Composed by Brian D Price

1) Molly R Atkinson 2) Judith M Rogers 3) Janice T Atkinson 4) Robin H Rogers 5) Christopher J Groome 6) Michael J Pollard 7) Richard G Beadman 8) Christopher O’Mahony (C)

First peal – 1 and to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Janice’s first peal.

Peterborough Diocesan Guild Whissendine, Rutland St Andrew

Sunday, 29 November 2009 in 2h 54m (12 cwt) 5040 Surprise Minor (7 Methods) 720 of each Beverley, Bourne, Cambridge, Ipswich, London, Netherseale, Norwich

1) Harry Poyner 2) Janice T Atkinson 3) P Barry Jones 4) Ian Dawson 5) Mark H Mumby 6) Christopher O’Mahony (C)

Celebrating 400 years of bells at St Andrew’s Whissendine. Rung for Advent Sunday, and on the eve of St Andrew’s Day

Sproxston, Leics. St. Bartholomew

Weds February 7th 2007 2hr 52 (8) 5040 Grandsire Triples Comp. parker’s 12 part Christopher

C P Woodcock Judith M Rogers Mary C Poyner Diane M Faux Robin H Rogers Harry Poyner  Emma J Southerington (C) Vic Arnold

Congratulations to Vic Arnold who rang his first peal in excellent style at Sproxston, Leics. this will most likely be theonly peal in which Vic doubles his peal total in one go! His previous peal was at North Luffenham in May 2004.We welcomed back Emma (Market Overton/Langham/Wing) who conducted this peal of Grandsire Triples


Sun Aug 3 2008 2h 53m (14) 5184 Rutland Surprise Major Comp. R R Horton

1) Jane E Marsh 2) Janice T Atkinson 3) Peggy E Jennings 4) Roland H Cook 5) Richard G Beadman 6) Christopher J Groome 7) Louis M Totaro 8) Christopher D O’Mahony (C)

Celebrating 30 years of ringing for 2, and 15 years of ringing for 7. Many congratulations to Janice for achieving 30 years ringing. She has been assuring me that she started when she was 5, but I think she must have been 7 or 8! Also to Louis for achieving 15 years, some as conductor so a very well done to him.