Jubilee Ringers wanted!

We are looking for new ringers to learn the ropes in this Jubilee year. Details are on the Guild Website here (opens in a new tab). A great opportunity to celebrate the 70 years’ reign of Queen Elizabeth II with your own achievement!

Branch Dinner

Details have been circulated to sign up for the Branch Dinner on the 25th March; confirmation of attendance and menu choices are needed by the 18th March – so not long now to sign up!

Stormy February

After Storms Dudley, Eunice and Franklin, it might be a good idea to check the Bells to ensure that the weatherproofing is working properly. Persistent damp (rain) in the Belfry will cause rot in the woodwork, and corrosion in the metalwork; both are expensive to correct if the root cause is not addressed.

Ashwell Bells rung again

On February 12, 2022 the Ashwell Bells were rung again – see Bell Board for details. This was the first ringing recorded since 1976!

Note however, that the bells are still under repair, and not available for general ringing. The Tower Correspondent will be able to provide further information as renovations progress.

Preston Open Ringing – 16 October 2021

Preston held their Open Ringing session on Saturday 16th October 2021, to celebrate the renovation of the Bells. A good number of ringers and other Church members attended, and a fair bit of ringing was done – along with the social side of things …

Many thanks to the organisers and volunteers for a great morning!

Gretton Open Tower, Saturday 23rd October.

Gretton held an open tower to demonstrate bellringing and hopefully prompt interest and recruit new ringers from the village, in conjunction with a Coffee morning. Quite a bit of interest in the bells, and ringing, so we’ll see how well that translates into new ringers – fingers crossed!

Ringing is back!

Well, as near normal as is possible, subject to all the caveats associated with COVID and the specific circumstances in your local Tower. The CCCBR has published all the relevant information on their COVID page (click to read their blurb)

Guidelines changed on the 19th July 2021, such that it is now down to personal considerations as to when and how ringing is done. Due consideration should be made to all participants and anyone involved, whether ringing or not.

The current CCCBR guidance summary can be found here. This details recommended mitigation and explains why/when it is advisable.